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Hi,  I'm Gerald Bloch

Gerald Bloch the photo artist

Welcome to my site. Here, for your inspiration and enjoyment are examples of the work I do.

The menu tabs above are the various projects I am busy with. 


Artists statement

I love photography because it is for me a perfect combination of left and right brain. It allows me to merge reality with imagination, presenting the intricate complexity of the world through my lens.


Doing field work I am outside of time, the world stands still, I see with an intensity that I never normally deploy. I move around using peripheral vision, waiting for something to reach out to me. When it does I photograph without hesitation. I find beauty in my back yard and in great open places.


In the darkroom (or Lightroom in my case) I enjoy the technical and artistic  challenge of bringing to the reality of the captured image my imagination. In my Recent Work my goal is to present images based on reality but also triggers your imagination, inviting you to see beyond what is immediately apparent.

© Copyright Gerald Bloch 2023
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