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We celebrated Ganesha with friends. A priest delivered the ceremony at their house and afterwards we ate a traditional Indian meal sitting on the floor eating off banana leaves.

The visit to Varanasi was fascinating. To the modern western visitor the city is nothing short of an assault on the senses with the tumultuous crowds, noise, sacred ceremonies, color, smells all combining to boggle the mind. It is one of the most ancient continuously inhabited cities in the world and an important Hindu spiritual location, especially along the Ganges. The city's name derives from the two rivers between which it lies with the old city on the north shores of the Ganges bounded by its two tributaries, the Varuna and the Assi, and the Ganges being to its south.

Finally a visit to the Taj Mahal, and while it may be one of the wonders of the world it is very $$$$ and crowded.
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